Bota Box Zinfandel, Old Vine, California, 2018

Old vine zinfandel. One Bota Box equal to two 750 ml bottles. Taste the adventure: This big Jammy Zinfandel is round and full of vigor, with a nose of black cherry, black pepper and bakes plum. It's rustic in its balance of blackberry and toasty sage, leading to a deep and fruit-forward finish. Raise a glass of Bota Zinfandel with roast pork tenderloin or grilled bacon cheese burgers on date night. Bota Love: I make sure everyone knows how much I love Bota! I can't get enough of the delicious wine, the eco-friendly packaging and the portability. I convert friends and family into Bota-lovers at every gathering - gotta spread the Bota goodness! - Kate Halvorsen. The Perfect Wine for your Next Adventure: At Bota, we look at life as one big adventure, and we know you do too. Our wines are made to go anywhere and fit every occasion, whether it's an epic journey or relaxing in your own living room. Thank you for including Bota sa you drink in all that life has to offer - Cheers! It's all about consistent great taste. We work hard to make sure Bota offers great tasting, quality wines every vintage. Our varied selection of wines means that whether you're poolside, tableside our mountainside, we have a Bota that pairs with your lifestyle. Our wine stays fresh. Our innovative bag in box technology helps our wines last more than a month after opening. Wine's enemies - light and air - are kept out, keeping the wine fresh and true to the flavors our winemakers intended. Sustainability. Family. Quality. Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: (at)bota_box. Join our adventures, and share yours! Best Buys: Bota Box accolades 50 wine enthusiast over 50 gold medals. The original environmentally-friendly box. Award winning wines in eco-friendly, portable packaging. Pairs well with everywhere. We are committed to bringing you an eco-friendly package: Out carton is 100% recycled and features FSC - certified stock, printed with VOC-free inks on kraft unbleached recycled paper containing more that 95% post-consumer fiber. Inside, the wine bag is BPA-free; both the bag and the spout are category 7 recyclables. Recycled. Packaging made from recycled material. FSC; This box is 100% recyclable - please recyclcle. Alc. 13.5% by vol.