Brillo Estracell Sponge Cloths 6 Pack

More sanitary! Rinses 99.9% clean (Independent test results demonstrate that bacteria will not feed and survive on the sponge fibers of Brillo Estracell sponge material - naturally). Brilliant beyond the sink. Forms to your hand. Non-abrasive cleans all types of countertops and tables. Reusable - rinse, wring & wipe. Family-owned since 1908. Works with your favorite dish detergent and home cleaners. The unique cell structure rinses cleaner and dries out faster eliminating the perfect breeding condition for bacteria and fungal growth. These qualities make Brillo Estracell more sanitary! Ordinary dishcloths store dirt in their fibers allowing bacteria to grow which causes odors. Washing may not be enough to sanitize. Paper towels absorb great but break apart and remove trees from the planet. Great for dishes, counters, tabletops, handles, and other surfaces.