Cafe Kreyol Coffee, Whole Bean, Medium Roast, Haitian Blue

Transparent trade. Shade grown. Tasting Notes: Low acid. Almonds. Butter. Coffee Hunter Project: Cafe Kreyol was founded on certain principles. We believe that irresponsible handouts are more damaging to people than helpful. We believe that socially responsible business and conscious capitalism can help poverty stricken areas far more than providing a single meal. We believe that business provide economy. It provides hope. It is sustainable when and if a quality product exist - and if the product doesn't exist, well then you can always create one. So, with that in mind, we took our love for specialty coffee, and our desire to create small local entrepreneurs in coffee growing countries, and we decided to launch an initiative called the Coffee Hunter Project. To search for more unique opportunities to expand. To look for coffee strains that others weren't noticing. To create coffee strains that do not yet exist. To bring you coffees you have never heard of. Always of exceptional quality, and always sustainable. - Joseph Stazzone, Chief Coffee Hunter. Creating sustainable employment with specialty coffee.