California Baby Sunscreen, SPF 30+, Citronella

Very water resistant (highest rating). SPF 30+ (highest rating). Face & body. Non-chemical. Paba free. No nut oils, gluten, soy, oat or dairy. For babies, kids & sensitive adults. Safe. Natural. Fun. Dermatologists and the American Cancer Society urge the use of Sunscreen everyday and year-round. UVA-UVB broad spectrum protection. Formulated without chemical sunscreens, our exclusive formula contains coated micronized titanium dioxide that sits on top of the skin scattering and reflecting dangerous UV rays. Scented with a beautiful aromatherapy blend. May be used in combination with our SPF 30+ sticks. Tear free formula. Provides high-level protection against sunburn; retains effectiveness after 80 minutes of activity in water or perspiring. Not tested on animals. No animal ingredients. Eco-friendly & biodegradable. Made in the USA.