Camryns Bff Bonnet, Satin, Edge Pocket

Size: 18.7/8 inches x 9.11/16 inches. Tails: 15 inches x 2.3/4 inches. Contains 1 edge pocket satin bonnet. High-quality satin prevents frizz and breakage. Edge-control headband keeps edges smooth. The beginning of her hair care journey. Ready, set, go - healthy hair! For nighttime use. Camryn's BFF Edge Pocket Satin Bonnet is perfect for braids, natural, and relaxed styles; helps prevent breakage and frizz; and maintains styles through the night. The edge-control headband keeps edges smooth while you sleep. Friend Code: Refer to this friend code to determine if this product is right for you. If a BFF with your hair type or style is highlighted in color, this product is highly recommended for your hair care regimen. For Styling Ttips: Follow Firstline Brands on Facebook/ Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Designed in USA. Made in Vietnam - H.