Explore Asian Edamame & Mung Bean, Organic, Fettuccine Shape

Authentic cuisine. Gluten free. Cooks al dente. High in protein 48% of DV. High in fiber 40% of DV. Sodium free 0% of DV. 19 g carbs per serving. Rich in iron 30% of DV. Did you know? Our pastas are rich in protein and dietary fibers. Regular pastas have no more than 5-6 g of protein and 2-3 g of dietary fibers per serving yet Explore Asian has 24 g of protein and 10 g of dietary fibers. Certified gluten-free. USDA organic. Certified organic by IMO with Certification No. 29372. Vegan. CN-BIO-143 non-EU Agriculture. www.explore-asian.com. Facebook: Explore Asian. Product of China.