Kahiki Fried Rice, Chicken 22 oz

Cook thoroughly. Hold. Stir up something different every day. Kahiki serves up snacks, entrées, and everything in between. Try them all and stir things up. As it turns out, fried rice is enjoyed as a comfort food not only here in the USA, but across many different Asian cultures. In Korea, kimchi fried rice is a smash hit with, you guessed it, kimchi! In SE China, be sure to try “Wui fan”, which is a Cantonese fried rice dish topped with thick gravy. Our chicken fried rice most closely resembles Chinese American-style fried rice with a variety of vegetables mixed with chicken and rice. Forget your wheaties! Rice was hidden in the limestone used to build Chinese city walls because it added stability and strength. Did you know? American fried rice is not found in the US but on menus in Thailand! Invented during the Vietnam War to feed the troops stationed there, this dish consists of ingredients such as hot dogs, eggs and ketchup and is still found on menus there today. Stir your senses. Microwavable bag.