Morningstar Farms Veggitizers Veggie Popcorn Chik'n

Bite-size veggie chicken. 11 g plant based protein. Vegan. 36% less sodium than leading frozen popcorn chicken (The leading frozen popcorn chicken contains 600 mg sodium per serving (84 g); Morningstarm Farms Veggie Popcorn Chik'n contains 380 mg sodium per serving (84g)). Made with Non GMO soy. Heat. Eat. Snack. 100% plant protein. The power of plants. Colors & flavors from natural sources. Certified plant based. Provides 19% of the daily recommended amount of complete protein. Complete protein contains all nine essential amino acids in the recommended amounts per gram of protein., What's the deal with complete protein, you ask? Find out more at: P.S. There are fail-proof recipes there, too! Questions or comments? Visit: Call: 1-800-962-0120. Provide production code on package. Kellogg's Famiy Rewards. There are more bite-sized veggie eats where these came from. Perfect for entertaining, an after school snack, or an anytime meal. Try our other Vegetizers tonight! Resealable (more for later).