HighLiner® Fisher Boy Crunchiest Fish Sticks 30 Ct Box

Hi. I'm Telly the Pelly. There's nothing a pelican loves more than fish and now Fisher Boy has made their biggest, tastiest and crunchiest fish sticks ever! These new fish sticks bring more crunch and more fun to every meal. No wonder they're voted #1 crunchiest by kids*—and pelicans! We bring the fun to fish! Here are some yummy meal ideas to keep the crunch going: Serve with fresh cut crunchy carrot sticks and ranch dressing or serve with crispy apple slices—sprinkle with sesame seeds. For family fun tips and recipe idea, visit us at www.fisherboy.com. We Bring the Fun to Fish® Voted #1 Crunchiest by Kids* Extra Large; More Fish; More Crunch!