Gardein Crispy Chick'n, Mandarin Orange 10.5 oz

Plant-based. Be inspired. Eat well. Our plant-based mandarin orange chick’n is a dinner winner. Make lettuce cups or add your favorite veggies for a quick stir-fry that's better than take-out. Plant-based orange chick'n lettuce wraps empty defrosted sauce pack into bowl, stir in 1tsp of poppy seeds and 2 tsp white wine vinegar. Set aside. Cook chick'n as per cooking instructions and set aside. In large bowl mix together chick'n, orange sections, shredded carrot, sliced cucumber, slivered almonds and poppy seed dressing. Divide among iceberg lettuce leaves and serve. Meatless Monday plant-based crispy chick'n salad: Make a salad and toss with your favorite dressing. Top with sliced mandarin chick'n!