Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit, Hair Remover

34 wax strips; 3 sizes. 34 wax strips total (17 double-sided), azulene finishing oil: 0.5 fl oz (14.7 ml), instructions. Brow. Face. Bikini. Results last up to 8 weeks (individual results may vary)! Ready and easy to use. Helps to slow the appearance of regrowth. Dermatologist & salon tested. No. 1 selling wax brand in the USA. Quick and easy. Results last up to 8 weeks (individual results may vary). 1-2-3 hair free! No microwave, no mess. 3 simple steps. Pre-waxed strips, pre-cut for face and bikini area. Works on short hair. Complete Kit Includes: three different sizes; azulene finishing oil; 4 large; 12 medium; 18 small. 34 wax strips (17 double-sided), azulene finishing oil. Scan here for how to use videos. 1 800 953 5080 (USA/Canada only). Made in USA.