Gillette Gillette Foamy Sensitive Shave Foam For Men, Sensitive Skin, 11oz 11 oz

Gillette Foamy Sensitive Shave Foam is a match between the ease you need and the protection against shaving irritation you want for sensitive skin. Its formula helps reduce nicks, cuts, burns and stinging. Classic as it is comforting, millions of men know and trust Gillette Foamy for a reason - it is the shaving cream that has been enjoyed for generations! While gels and foams are both good at giving you a comfortable shave, Gillette Foamy Sensitive Shaving Foam contains hydrating emollients and lubricating ingredients. That means you can lock in moisture, soften your facial hair, and expect a smooth razor glide for a more comfortable shave. Easy-to-lather, this shaving cream's creamy texture rinses off clearly for a clean shear that helps protect sensitive skin. Gillette Foamy Sensitive shaving cream provides a thick, extra rich, creamy lather for a close, comfortable shave. The Foamy shaving cream spreads easily across your face and rinses clean leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. The Comfort Glide formula reduces friction while shaving. In short: less time and energy spent on your shaving routine. Gillette Foamy Sensitive Shaving Foam gives you enough foam for at least 52 shaves or 3 months of shaves (shaving 4 times per week). For best results, use Gillette Foamy shaving foam with your favorite Gillette razor.