Langers 100% Juice, Concord Grape 64 oz

100% concord grape juice from concentrate. American Masters of Taste: Gold - superior taste. 120% vitamin C per serving. It's in the juice. Meet Our Growers: The best tasting juices start with, well, the best fruit. Meet Concord Grape Grower Taggares Family Farm: At Langers we could not make such great tasting grape juices without using the best fruit available and that includes our 100% Concord Grape Juice. That's why we've dedicated this label space to introducing you to some of our wonderful growers - including the Taggares Family Farm. The Taggares family has been farming in the Pacific Northwest since the 1920s. Since the 1960s they've grown flavorful concord grapes overlooking the Snake River in Eastern Washington (that's where Lewis and Clarke explored). The area's fertile soil, fresh river water, warm summer days and cool nights create some of the world's best conditions for growing juice grapes. In fact, with over 2,000 acres, the Taggares family is the largest producer of premium concord grapes in Washington. Like Langers, the Taggares Family is committed to farming in a sustainable and responsible manner. We are proud to use their grapes in our juices. The Langer Story: Growing up in the '50s, we drank fresh juice every day. Dad was our head juicer and we were his official tasters. Together, we discovered which fruits made the best-tasting juices. Today our family keeps the same high standard, still tasting every batch we make. That's why we're pleased to bring you our 100% USA grown, Concord Grape juice. Concord grapes are perfect for a flavorful and healthy juice. They contain natural carbohydrates that are easily digested for a fast boost of energy. With no preservatives, no added sugar and nothing artificial. The result is delicious and nutritious - just like Dad taught us. Like us on Facebook. Family owned since 1960. No sugar, sweeteners or colors added. No preservatives. Very low sodium. GMO free. Gluten free. Our bottles are BPA free. Please recycle. 100% USA grown. Bottled in the USA.