Oregon Fruit Products® Gooseberries in Light Syrup 15 oz. Can

Oregon Gooseberries--How Tart They Are! Look inside this label for a fabulous recipe for Gooseberry Pie! You'll need: (2) crusts for a 9-inch pie, 2 cans Oregon Gooseberries, sugar, cornstarch, salt and butter. Check www.oregonfruit.com for more great ideas. If you have t a recipe of your own, please call us and share it! A loyal consumer shared her creativity with a poetic recipe request. Poetry is not required but very much appreciated! Right here on my table in front of my eye,/Stands 2 cans of Oregon Gooseberries for making a pie./Believe me I'd like to accommodate,/But I've forgotten how at age 88!/But there on your label you do avow,/That if i just ask you, you will tell me how. Not to worry Mrs. B., we are glad to help you dazzle your friends and family with the best-darn pie in Tulsa. Pucker up! You can find us in the friendly, familiar, black-labeled can from Oregon on your grocer's shelf. Thanks for buying our Gooseberries! 100% Natural Grown in the USA Kosher