McCormick Cumin Seed, 0.95 oz

Cumin is well-loved around the world for adding a warm, earthy taste to dishes. McCormick Cumin Seed brings smoky, nutty flavor to family-favorite chili, tacos and curries. Cumin is a signature flavor in Mexican recipes for tamales, enchiladas and much more. You’ll find it starring in Tex-Mex and Southwestern dishes, as well. Across the Middle East, the spicy flavor of cumin infuses many traditional recipes, especially those made with lentils, eggplant and lamb. We love the hearty depth it brings to chickpeas, whether in falafel or hummus. Cumin is one of the essential spices in the Indian pantry, where it joins chiles, turmeric and coriander seed in many spice blends. To boost flavor, toast the seeds in a dry skillet and lightly crush.