McCormick Whole Caraway Seed, 0.9 oz

One of the world’s oldest cultivated spices, caraway is a relative of the carrot family. At McCormick, our caraway seeds are carefully selected for quality, ensuring that they bring bittersweet flavor to recipes like rye bread, pork & stews. Bite into a hearty slice of rye or Irish soda bread and you’ll immediately recognize the flavor of caraway – warm, sweet and slightly biting. Tannish brown and crescent-shaped, caraway seed is staple spice of Eastern European cuisine. They bring earthy flavor to goulash, borscht, sausages & sauerkraut. Caraway pairs well with cheese, apples and potatoes. It adds a warm, sweet taste to cookies, spiced seed cakes & scones. Toast the seeds before using to heighten the nutty, bittersweet flavor.