Sushi Chef Nori, Toasted, Seaweed Sheets 5 ea

Nori is a sea vegetable, which is cultivated in screened salt water inlets. Once harvested, it is chopped, rolled and dried in the sun and then toasted into crisp sheets. Sushi Chef Si Nori is especially delicate and flavorful. Its thickness makes it less likely to break when rolled. The flavor, aroma and crispness of Nori is enhanced by quickly passing the shiny side of the sheet over a flame just before use. Nori sheets are wrapped around sushi rice and fillings to toms rolled sushi. When out into strips, Nori is used to secure finger rolls or to add flavor and color to scattered sushi. Crumbled Nori is an attractive garnish for salads or rice. To form a sushi roil, cut Non to the size needed for the amount of filling. A single ingredient sushi roll, such as a cucumber roll, requires a half sheet, approximately 4 x 7-1/2 inches. Place the Nod lengthwise, shiny side down, on a bamboo roiling mat. Dampen hands with water and spread the sushi rice just to cover the Non, leaving a 1/2 inch margin across the top. With your finger spread a dab of Wasabi along the center of the rice creating a groove Lay the filling of your choice in this groove. To roll, hold the filling in place with your fingers as you curl the mat forward with your thumbs until the two ends of the Non overlap, forming a cylinder. Apply gentle but even pressure to the rolling mat. Remove the sushi roll and cut it into six pieces with a very sharp knife moistened with water. Product of China.