Glutino Crackers, Gluten Free, Original

Forever gluten free. Gluten free. New look. Same great taste. Crispy, crunchy, a little salty and satisfying. Bingo! We hit the mark with this bite-sized snack. Our crackers are flavorful enough to be enjoyed alone, and work well when smeared with a spread, or topped with meat and cheese. No surprise to us, but with so many good ingredients, gluten just wasn't necessary. These crackers are guaranteed snack-tastic. Always delicious and gluten free. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. We'll put our pretzel game up against anybody's. Our twisted treats are legit. So much so, you just don't care that they're gluten free. With selections like sticks, twists, and fudge covered, to name a few, they may fool your gluten-eating friends. They're that good. Recyclable paper. Made in Italy.