Daiya Cheese Sticks, Dairy-Free, Cheddar 6 ea

Is there any comfort food more iconic than cheese? Our new plant based cheese melts like dairy, tastes like dairy, and even looks like dairy...minus the actual dairy. We're reimagining the way plant based cheese is made, combining traditional cheesemaking methods with the goodness of oat. Our new & improved dairy free cheese is now made with Daiya Oat Cream™ blend, for a cheesy, "melts-like-dairy" experience that comforts the way cheese should. Daiya dairy free cheese sticks deliver all the nostalgic flavor with every delightful chomp. Perfect for backpacks and briefcases alike, these dairy free cheese sticks are our most packable cheese alternative snack yet. Each pack features six individually wrapped sticks for convenience when snacking on the go. Savory and smooth, our dairy free cheddar cheese sticks are the perfect on-the-go snack for work, school or play. Enjoy the cheesy, tangy cheddar flavor in every nostalgic bite. These dairy free cheese sticks are on a mission to make sure you never miss snack time.