Mi-Del Crunchy Cookies, Gluten Free, Chocolate Chip 8 oz

Mi-Del's story began in the 1940s when Samuel Midel sought to provide his family simple, wholesome, great tasting cookies. Over the years, Mi-Del has added cookie varieties and flavors but our founder’s vision remains the same - delivering delicious cookies your whole family can enjoy! Mi-Del's Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: Recipe combines just the right amount of organic chocolate chips, a gluten free flour blend and cane sugar and is baked to a crispy perfection. The result - an American classic cookie bursting with chocolatey flavor for a delectable treat! Our long history creating gluten free products makes these cookies perfect for those with gluten intolerance or seeking to lead a gluten free lifestyle. While we removed gluten, we did not compromise on taste! Taste why they're Mi-Delicious. Mi-Del gives back. Mi-Del is committed to corporate social responsibility in the communities it serves. Each year. Mi-Del donates a portion of its proceeds and products to non-profits to facilitate their missions.