Twizzlers Bites, Cherry 5 oz

TWIZZLERS Bites cherry flavored chewy candy is just what you need to add a little more bite size excitement to your everyday snack routine. These tasty licorice style bites may be small, but they're mighty on cherry flavor and fun, and they make a great low fat snack whenever the mood strikes! Grab a few of these chewy, cherry flavored TWIZZLERS Bites candies during your lunch break or share a few with your friends at a picnic. Better yet, keep a supply of TWIZZLERS cherry flavored treats for a family-fun movie marathon or for after dinner as a dessert. If you're ready for even more flavor, use these sweet snacks as toppings for your next ice cream sundae bar. TWIZZLERS Bites chewy candies are fun to share and easy to grab when you're on the move! Throw a few in your lunch box or bring a box on-the-go for tasty and convenient snacking. This box keeps your TWIZZLERS Bites candy fresh for whenever you're ready to dive in or want to share with friends. These candies are perfect for celebrating the holidays, too. Fill Valentine's Day gift bags, pack Easter baskets, hand boxes out to Halloween trick-or-treaters and stuff Christmas stockings, just don't forget to save a few candies for yourself!