Harbor Seafood Hyper Frozen Tuna Burgers

22 g protein per burger. Only 2 ingredients yellowfin tuna + salt. The Hyper Frozen Advantage: Our process guarantees you are getting the freshest tuna on the market. Due to our proprietary freezing technique, there is no damage to the fish. This means you are getting the best quality, texture and taste every time! Sustainable practices are key to preserving our resources for years to come. This certification identifies this item as an ocean-friendly product. Our Burgers are made with no filters or additives. Cooking from frozen preserves it's texture and taste naturally, so you can enjoy 100% Yellowfin Tuna in every bite. Wild caught. This is a natural product, meat color may vary. www.harborseafood.com. To learn more about our efforts go to harborseafood.com. Friend of the sea. Product of Sri Lanka.