Kodiak Cakes Crackers, Graham, Cinnamon 9 oz

Protein-packed. Park City. Restoring the Whole Grain Tradition: Way back when, graham crackers were whole grain snacks made by folks who relied on them as a source of nourishment. Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites bring back the old way of making graham crackers by using 100% whole grains and non-GMO ingredients because you and your cubs require protein-packed nourishment to navigate today's frontier. Whole grains taste better. Snack Adventurously: Did you know? As omnivores, a grizzly bear may eat as much as 90 lbs of food a day - that’s a lot of chewing. While we certainly don’t need to take in that many meals as humans, it is important to choose balanced, whole grain, and protein-packed snacks like Kodiak Cakes Bear Bites, when we do. Hungry for more grizzly facts? Check out the quiz below. Bear Trivia: 1. Why do grizzly bears hibernate during winter? A) It's cold B) Lack of food C) They are lazy 2. The fastest known human alive today can run 27 mph. A grizzly bear can run: A) 15 mph B) 50 mph C) 35 mph 3. How long do grizzly bears hibernate for each year? A) 5-7 months B) 3-4 months C) 8-9 months 4. What's the best way to tell a grizzly from a black bear? A) Grizzly bears are brown B) Grizzly bears are bigger C) Grizzly bears have a hump above their shoulders. Answers: 1 = B, 2= C, 3 = A, 4= C. Fresh is best! Please recycle. Grizzly Bear and Wild Life Foundations: We're committed to keeping the frontier wild for future generations. Your purchase helps us support foundations that protect grizzly bears and other wildlife habitats around the country.