New Earth Top Shelf Compost, Organic

Enriched with Medina Since 1962 Growing Green. Since 1997. Top Shelf Compost is proud to be an OMRI listed Organic product. Top Shelf Compost is transformed through blending nitrogen and carbon material at a sustained high temperature with the right amount of oxygen and moisture millions of microbes then go to work breaking down the organic matter into humus-rich food for your plants. This bag contains Medina Growing Green Fertilizer and should be generously applied to your garden or flower beds before planting for maximum benefit The Top Shelf Compost in this bag meets STA requirements set forth by the US Composing Council. New Earth, The makers of Top Shelf, have supplied Texans with superior composts, soils, mulches, and more since 1997 and recycles over 400,000 tons of organic material yearly and growing. Most New Earth products are taken in as organic waste and will be used to replenish the earth. New Earth is proud to play a part in recycling organic waste and creating sustainability for our communities. New Earth is a proud member of Leonard Holding Company's family business. Go Texan. 8 Quarts: 100% locally sourced from our community. US Composting Council Steel of Testing Assurance. OMRI Listed: For Organic use. Sustainability Cycle: Created; bagged & shipped; put back into earth; organic waste; brought to new earth.