Pam Cooking Spray, Ultimate, No Stick 6 Oz

Make cooking easier with PAM Ultimate No-Stick Cooking Spray! PAM Spray is the best sidekick for passionate bakers, amatuer chefs and everyone in-between. This formula uses restaurant-grade ingredients to deliver superior non-stick cooking performance at a wider range of temperatures than PAM original. It's a handy kitchen staple that will save you hours of scrubbing and washing those stubborn post-cooking messes off your pots and pans. Simply spray your baking sheet, casserole dish or any of your cookware with PAM Cooking Spray before adding food, and be amazed at how easily your culinary creations come right off the surface. With no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, non-stick spray is a no-brainer for the next time you get inspired in the kitchen. You PAM do it!