Schultz Plant Food Plus, 10-15-10, Concentrate

Micronutrients. Original all purpose formula. Feeds all indoor & outdoor plants every time you water. Just 7 drops per quart of water feeds everything you grow! Easy-to-measure dropper. Indoors: All Houseplants - African violets, orchids, herbs, gardenias, gloxinia, dieffenbachia, philodendrons, bonsai, pothos, jade plants, ivy, cacti, ficus, hydroponics. Outdoors: All Outdoor Plants - roses, tomatoes, flowers, bulbs, bedding plants, seeds, vegetables, trees, azaleas, fruits, berries, rhododendrons, lawns, shrubs, evergreens. Mother Nature feeds plants every time it rains, dissolving nutrients and distributing them evenly to all plants. You can do the same every time you water your houseplants, feeding with Schultz Plant Food Plus. All purpose starts & feeds formula. Feeds through roots and leaves as you water. Excellent for transplanting, repotting, and rooting. Safe, will not burn even in hottest weather when used as directed.